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DJI Ronin MX + NANUK 960

$770.00 USD
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Hard to Find | CAMERA STORE

DJI Ronin MX + NANUK 960

$770.00 USD

Making cinematic film requires a quick installation and a large number of camera configurations. The Ronin-MX is designed to carry a wide range of cameras in daily use worldwide, and Smoothtrack™ algorithms ensure smooth movement in any configuration. A relocated battery improves balance while stability is enhanced by a camera cage that locks mounted cameras from both the top and bottom. Silent engines prevent the sound of the engines from being picked up on set. It even comes with the excellent NANUK 960. The set is like new and is in very good condition.

The Nanuk 960 is a very sturdy case for protecting your equipment. With the shock-resistant plastic NK-7 resin, this Nanuk case can handle all situations. This is because it is completely waterproof. The air pressure valve automatically absorbs the change in air pressure. The powerclaws ensure that the case does not spring open spontaneously, for example when falling. These clamps also ensure that the case remains closed in any situation. This case also has wheels to make transport more comfortable.

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