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Olympus OM30 28mm 1:2,5

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Hard to Find | CAMERA STORE

Olympus OM30 28mm 1:2,5

$308.00 USD

The Olympus OM-30 is an SLR camera. It was built by Olympus from 1983 to 1987. In the North American market, the camera was sold under the model name Olympus OM-F.

This model was the Japanese company’s first foray into autofocus for the OM system, although strictly speaking the OM-30 is not part of the OM system, this only includes single digit models.

Autofocus is only possible with the Zuiko Auto Zoom 1:4/35-70 mm Auto Focus lens. However, you can only dream of the speed of today’s autofocus systems with this model. Other lenses for the OM bayonet can of course still be used. But of course they have to be focused manually.

The built-in light meter can be used with aperture priority. For this, the photographer sets the desired aperture and the automatic selects exposure time. It can be adjusted with the exposure compensation, two aperture stops brighter or darker. However, the Olympus OM-30 also has a manual mode, aperture and exposure time are freely adjustable in this mode.

The camera comes with a Bulb mode. Here, the shutter can remain open for a variable time. A flash can be used via the hot shoe or the PC flash port.

The 35mm camera has a built-in self-timer. In addition, there is a connection for a cable release and a thread for a tripod.

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