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  • Rick Endstra

    Rick is a self-taught photographer with more than 14 years experience in photographing and photo editing programs

    Now he has a wide range of interests in photographing. He sees it as a form of art in which he wants to show his vision.

    Location: The Netherlands

  • Milan Wimmers

    From young on Milan had a camera to work with. He had contact with some professional photographers which learned him a lot.

    This is why he wanted to go on with it and now he is a professional corporate photographer now.

    Location : The Netherlands

  • Bert Strootman

    Bert Strootman can photograph, that is clear to see.

    His body of work is impressive, very varied and with a strong emphasis on forms. Fairy-like shapes, dreamy images, sometimes partially dissolved. But also well-recognizable objects, the way something is captured on camera is aesthetically very worthwhile. Images that touch more on the feeling rather than accurately represent something from the real world...

    Location: The Netherlands