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Hard to Find | CAMERA STORE  |  SKU: A1275 SF

Chinon CM-3 | 1:1.7 f=55mm

$83.00 USD
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Hard to Find | CAMERA STORE

Chinon CM-3 | 1:1.7 f=55mm

$83.00 USD

The CM-3 is a 35mm film SLR camera from Chinon. It has a near twin in the Chinon AM-3 and CM-1, but there are small styling differences.

These models accept 42mm screw lenses and the user activates stop down metering with a half press on the shutter release. Colored LEDs on the right edge of the viewfinder eyepiece indicate under/correct/over exposure for the current camera settings. (On some later models like the CS-4 these LEDs moved to the left edge, perhaps more comfortable to right-eyed shooters—who like right-handers, are the majority.)

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