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Hard to Find | CAMERA STORE  |  SKU: A47W1593MW

FED Zarya

$78.00 USD
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Hard to Find | CAMERA STORE

FED Zarya

$78.00 USD

The Zarya is a very interesting and stylish camera, which is an unusual monument to the Soviet photography industry. Being one of the early Soviet devices, this camera has a fairly good quality. The Zarya camera can be not only an interesting instance in the collection but also a good tool in the hands of a photographer. The camera does not have a mirror or rangefinder mechanism, so focusing is done using the distance scale on the lens. But to simplify the task, you can use a third-party rangefinder, mounting it on the cold shoe above the viewfinder. the Zarya camera is made of a metal body and is sheathed with vulcanite. On the bottom one of the screws is broken and missing But overall the camera is clean and working.

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