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Hard to Find | CAMERA STORE  |  SKU: A0008W 1356DB

Olympus OM10 28-85mm 3,5-4,5

$138.00 USD
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Hard to Find | CAMERA STORE

Olympus OM10 28-85mm 3,5-4,5

$138.00 USD

Excellent Olympus OM10 28-85mm 3,5-4,5 SLR camera. Tested and working the camera is used but in really good condition. There is no damage on the camera or the lens.

The OM10 was the first consumer OM series body. Launched in 1979 it accepted the full line of OM lenses and most of the OM accessories for a lower price. The lower price was reflected in the construction of this camera and the features available, however, it was still a very competent performer and it reflected the elegant lines established by the compact OM-1 and 2 designs.

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