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Hard to Find | CAMERA STORE  |  SKU: A0015W 1395DB

Penti II 1:3,5/30

$44.00 USD
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Hard to Find | CAMERA STORE

Penti II 1:3,5/30

$44.00 USD

Excellent Penti II 1:3,5/30 rangefinder camera. Tested and working

The Penti was made in East Germany by Welta from late 1950s. It was available with a white, red , black or blue body.

The camera was being developed by Walter Henning at VEB Zeiss Icon company from 1956 and went into production as Welta Orix in April 1958 at VEB Welta Kamera Werke factory (renamed to VEB Prüfgerätewerk Medingen in 1960), as its parent VEB Zeiss Ikon company lacked enough production capacity.

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