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Petri MF-104 + 135mm 2.8

$83.00 USD
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Hard to Find | CAMERA STORE

Petri MF-104 + 135mm 2.8

$83.00 USD

Excellent Petri MF-104 + 135mm 2.8 SLR camera. Tested and working the camera is in good condition. The camera is looking really good.

The Petri MF-104 is a reflex camera. The 35mm camera was built by Cosina for Petri. The Petri MF-104 was also sold under the name “Cosina CT-4”.

The lenses of the Petri MF-104 are interchangeable. Lenses can be used with a Pentax K bayonet. The lens is focused manually. The Petri MF-104 does not have an autofocus.

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