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Red Konica Pop

$112.00 USD
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Red Konica Pop

$112.00 USD

Beautiful Konica pop Rangefinder camera. Tested and working

The Konica Pop (aka C35 EFJ in Japan) is a popular, compact, point and shoot, 35mm Japanese camera. It was fabricated in 1982. It only features a couple of settings like: the 100 ISO or 400 ISO setting, making it very easy to use. I’ve recently acquired this camera and already love it!

- Lens: 36mm, maximum aperture f/4. Early models are marked ‘Hexanon’; post 1985 are not
- Shutter speed: fixed at 1/125s
- Built-in flash which pops up, hence the name
- Button for close-up flash work (alters aperture accordingly)
- ISO selector for 100/400 only
- Tripod bush
- Possibly unique folding rewind lever (metal) on underside of body
- Power: 2 AA batteries (for flash)

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